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8 Things You Should Never Do in Cozumel

8 Things You Should Never Do on Cozumel

Here are the 8 things you should never do in Cozumel

Cozumel is a charming island, renowned for its welcoming, affectionate people. But as with any new place, foreign guests are prone to making the occasional error in the unaccustomed surroundings. To avert such gaffes, look at our list of the things travelers should avoid doing on a holiday on Cozumel.

Don’t drink the water

Steer clear of the tap water at all costs on Cozumel. Drinking from the tap can make you very sick. No restaurants on Cozumel would ever serve customers tap water.

Don’t reach for the hot sauce

They lace Mexican cuisine with spicy flavors that can be excessive for those not used to them. Even if you enjoy spicy food, go slow on Cozumel on your first few days and start adding spice when you learn you can deal with the heat. Stomach problems and diarrhea are common among visitors on Cozumel, so dodge the hot sauce until your system has settled.

Don’t be impatient

Don’t take it personally if individuals are late for appointments. You will hear a variety of excuses, but you soon realize that the fundamental reason for the lateness is cultural. Relax and appreciate your trip, Cozumel time is flexible, and trying to impose foreign standards of punctuality is a futile approach.

Don’t forget to tip

Mexico’s tipping culture is less pronounced than the United States, but it is common courtesy to include at least 15 percent of your bill for the waiter. This rule pertains to restaurants, cafes, and even bars, where you will pay for refreshments when you are billed at the conclusion of the night.

Don’t criticize Mexican food

Mexicans are proud of their food, so bypass the social faux pas of rejecting it. You might not be a fan of greasy tortillas or melted cheese, but even UNESCO added Mexican cuisine to its artistic heritage list in 2010. Each of the country’s diverse regions uses unique elements and cooking styles that define their dishes, so avoid generalizing about a source of national pride.

Don’t miss out on the markets

Markets are the cultural and economic center of activity in many Mexican neighborhoods and is an excellent place to find amazing food, and handicrafts. If your Spanish is up to speed, try your skill at haggling. Let the merchant offer the price, then counter with a lower number.

Don’t flaunt your valuables

There’s nothing improper with taking vacation snaps, but pack your camera away when it is not in service. Opt for simple jewelry vs flashy diamond rings and keep your passport locked away in your vacation rental.

Don’t overlook your walking shoes

You may associate Cozumel with sandy beaches and sandals, but wearing appropriate shoes is a prerequisite in most places. Potholes and broken sidewalks are scattered across Cozumel, so you need to watch your step.

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