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Famous Cozumel Snacks

Famous Cozumel Snacks

Something that is never missing in the constant coming and going in the world of a Mexican is the food stalls in the street. If you visit Cozumel and choose to feel like a resident, I encourage you to leave your vacation rental and browse the streets of downtown Cozumel to investigate some of these delights.


Originating in the Yucatan, they make marquesitas from the same dough needed to make ice-cream wafers and their filling is sweet: caramel, strawberry jam, dulce de leche, Nutella, honey or Cream cheese with blackberry. The ingredient that is most used is the Mexican ball cheese. They serve them fresh by distributing the batter over the skillet, the same way crepes are prepared, and then roll it up like a taquito. The best place to encounter Marquesitas stands is in the main park in downtown Cozumel.

Esquites and Elotes

Corn has been present in Mexican gastronomy for centuries, so it is consumed in the most diverse and appetizing forms. If you wander the streets you will meet gentlemen with their carts. On these carts are huge steamers full of esquites or elotes. Steamed, the elote is prepared on a stick and dressed in lime, mayonnaise, and then sprinkled with cheese and chile powered. The esquites are made only with corn kernels that are served in a cup with the same ingredients as the elotes. They are super healthy, nutritious, and flavorful. You can locate them along Melgar in downtown Cozumel and in the main park.


This famous snack is something extreme, I suggest it for individuals with a bittersweet palate since its ingredients are both spicy and salty. They blend the base ice with the fruit of your preference: mango, lemon, tamarind, or many others. They then add chamoy. Chamoy is a sauce made of dehydrated fruits with chile. They finish the chamoyada off according to the taste of the client; You can put a tamarind stick or sweet gummy candies to get that bittersweet flavor. Once again, these delights will be found at the place where Cozumelenos gather to take a walk (the main downtown park).

Besides the beauty of Cozumel’s beaches, reefs, and nightlife, this tourist destination of natural excellence includes gastronomy that forces you to fall in love with Mexican cuisine. Are you ready? Make your Stingray Villa reservation, here.

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