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Our Top 6 Weekend Trips from Cozumel

Our Top 6 Weekend Trips from Cozumel

Cozumel has countless diversity of effervescent drinks, great beach views, and sun-kissed tourists. But what makes this island town even more appealing is the province in which it stands. Rich culture, special food, Mayan origins, and magnificent tropical landscapes form the area around Quintana Roo and the Yucatan Peninsula, an unparalleled spot for any tourist. Here are the top 6 weekend trips from Cozumel. Hop over to these locations for another view of the lush eastern region of Mexico.


This eco-archaeological park along the Riviera Maya is loaded with attractions, natural sites, and cultural experiences that submerge travelers in the jungle backdrops. Nature enthusiasts can rejoice in bird aviaries and confrontations with America’s largest cat, the jaguar. With water slides, interactive animal displays, and maritime adventures, this park offers something special for any traveler. Spend a few days in this park and absorb the thrilling ambiance that contrasts the relaxed atmosphere on Cozumel’s beaches.


Leaving behind its notoriety as a sleepy town, Tulum is turning into a regarded destination in the region. Look up and down the coastline of Tulum and there’s not a mega-resort insight. Boutique hotels and shops line the narrow streets of Tulum, giving the entire town a charming and intimate feel. Restaurants serve patrons delicious fare ranging from perfect al dente pasta to popular street tacos. Though the city may go to sleep early, the beachfront Mayan ruins and gorgeous jungle skyline keep a lively outpouring of visitors around for Instagram photo-ops.

Swim in the stunning Lagoon Kaan Luum

This stunning lagoon just south of Tulum is the ideal place for a swim. The gorgeous destination possesses clear, tranquil waters and is generally isolated. Show up in the early morning if you need to make sure you are the only person in wonderland. The lagoon consists of at least two unique shades of blue because its center incorporates a cenote, or sinkhole, reaching a depth of around 260 feet (79 meters). You can find food vendors in the immediate area, and eat next to the lagoon.


Merida is a colonial capital in the center of Yucatan. Often missed by Cozumel’s diving crowd, Merida is the ideal stop for any adventurer who wants to know more than Top 40 DJs along the Caribbean Sea’s bustling beach bars. Pedestrians squeeze down tight avenues adorned with buildings pasted in colored tattered paint. Colonial structures stand preserved as if showing an accurate snapshot of another era. In Northern Merida, planned neighborhoods and golf courses are patronized by the citizens of this capital city.

Cenote Dos Ojos

Cenotes are natural sinkholes. Mexico is home to three of the greatest underwater systems. This establishes the Yucatan Peninsula region a sanctuary for adventurists who want to play in the local cenotes. Cenote Dos Ojos offers a tiny jungle hike before arriving into the clear underground waters. Snorkeling on the colorful coral reefs in Cozumel is something extraordinary, but this provides a unique experience. Divers looking for exciting thrills come here to confront the cool waters and gaze at the great stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Chichen Itza

Yucatan and Quintana Roo are teeming with ancient Mayan archaeological sites, museums, and ruins. One of the most exemplary of all the ruins is Chichen Itza. Meaning “At the mouth of the well of the Itza people,” the myths and history that envelop these protected ruins are embraced by visitors and Mayans who even reside on this land. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was previously the greatest city in the Mayan civilization. As one of the new seven wonders of the world, Chichen Itza has inserted itself as an exemplary part of any trip to this valuable territory.

We love to advise on our beautiful island and the surrounding area (as the many guests of Stingray Villa can attest to).

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