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The Best Day Trips from Cozumel

The Best Day Trips from Cozumel

When organizing your holiday to Cozumel, keep in mind the alternative vacation destinations that envelop it. Carve out some space in your schedule to give a few days to exploring beyond Cozumel’s reefs. From theme parks to cenotes, there’s a day trip for all tastes. Take a gander at the succeeding list of the finest day trips you can select from Cozumel.


This is a day trip you just can’t miss. Cancun is the landmark of the Riviera Maya and a prerequisite when visiting Cozumel. Take a bus from the terminal on 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen and you’ll be there in 40 minutes. In Cancun, make your approach to Playa Delfines beach to shoot a selfie, and then consume a refreshing pina colada on the waterfront or promenade. There’s so much to do: pick a boat cruise through the mangroves of the Nichupte lagoon, experience the downtown, and have lunch in a market to absorb the local customs. In the afternoon enjoy an amazing view of Cancun from the sky in the Scenic Tower at El Embarcadero. Visit the Island Mall for a supper at the bank of the Nichupte lagoon. At night try to hit the bars along Kukulcan Avenue.

Theme Parks

Make some space on the schedule for a complete day at one of the theme parks near Cozumel. There’s an extensive selection of alternatives from natural aquariums to zoos and jungle experiences. Xel Ha and Xcaret are excellent options for swimming in rivers, sinkholes, and beaches. Xplor and Selvática offer thrilling adventures in the Mayan jungle. If you immerse yourself in natural scenery, Xenotes Park is a magnificent spot. As a versatile destination, even zoos have places where you can swim. If that resonates like something you might appreciate, try Bel Air Animal Park. For the few rainy days you may encounter, Xenses is the place to go.


This is another must-visit place during your holidays on Cozumel. Tulum, a prominent merchant harbor and worship center, is on the shores of a beautiful beach. You’ll love the encounter with the Mayan culture while enjoying the crisp breeze of the sea. Admire the rock paintings, study the temples, and pause for a minute to appreciate the breathtaking view. When you visit Tulum, take a picnic box, grab two towels, suntan lotion, and get ready for a beach day beneath the archaeological area. Paradise, as it’s announced, illustrates what you’ll discover in the clean crystal waters of this city.

Cenotes and Underground Rivers

There are over 2,500 cenotes in Mexico’s Yucatan. Close to Cozumel, you’ll encounter both underground and open-air cenotes where you can swim, snorkel, and dive. Though they’re in the jungle, they’re safe places that include zip lines and even rappelling. Some of them also include facilities. The cenotes closer to Cozumel are Cenote Azul and Dos Ojos. The underground river, Río Secreto, is an exceptional experience where you must descend 25 km in caves to see to the secret amazing river.

Coba Mayan villages

The tours to the archaeological site Coba allow for a closer understanding of Mayan culture. You can visit the archaeological site on a guided tour and see the trail to a Mayan village, where they offer Mayan gastronomy, theatrical presentations, and a professional workshop. And if you want adventure, select to do some rappelling or swim in a cenote.

Isla Holbox

Holbox is a serene island only 42 km long and 2 km wide. Because of its obscure location, limited groups of tourists visit it. This scarcity of tourism presents a tranquil atmosphere. To relate with the environment and de-stress, this is the day trip for you. Holbox is home to flamingos, pelicans, and other unusual birds. If you go by yourself, choose a bus to Chiquila and then take the ferry. What type of activities can you expect? There’s an island called Isla Pajaros, which is a bird refuge, 30 min. by boat. Visit the sinkhole Yalahau and continue downtown to dine. You still need to go through the workshops of the mandolin and the hammock factory. End your day with a delectable drink, chilling out on the sandy shore under the Caribbean sunlight.

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