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Great Getaway for Groups on Cozumel

Great Getaway for Groups in Cozumel

It’s practically inevitable. Traveling with a group of friends, even your dearest ones, can be imposing. And we’re not talking about the coordination of organizing multiple flights or jamming all your baggage into one compact car. Finding a great getaway for groups on Cozumel can be a hard step since every group seems to have one friend who can make organizing a little more of an inconvenience. You recognize that friend, the one who has to visit somewhere that’s popular and filled with picturesque photo ops. Or the friend who neglected to renew his passport in time for the international trip you had debated. Or maybe you’re the tough one. Everybody recognizes that places like Venice and Paris are great destinations for couples and that Washington D.C. and Rome are perfect trips for families, but where in the world should you vacation with your BFFs? People ask that specific question now more than ever on Pinterest, where the research for “group travel” is up 367% from last year.  Regardless of the challenge that occurs with struggling to satisfy multiple personalities, you need to travel somewhere that everyone will appreciate, even the most-hard-to-please of the bunch.

Discover adventure and the accommodation for all occasions

Whether it’s a family reunion, team-building trip, or girlfriend getaway to record a landmark birthday, small groups observing a memorable occasion can discover a picturesque island getaway in the middle of Cozumel. At Stingray Villa, we have created the right setting to help you recall old memories and make fresh ones with the people you care about.

Feel at home in our group-friendly location

Our private complex has private entrances with no hallways. Our one-bedroom rooms offer spacious accommodation with king-size bed, private balcony, and a private porch to make the most of the fresh sea air.

With help from Silvia and I, you can plan the ideal activity for team building, birthday celebrations, or making memories together. Discover adventures available, including boat and jet ski rentals, scuba diving, paddle boarding, and turtle spotting on a guided eco-tour. What surrounds Stingray Villa is group-friendly attractions and the charm of a Cozumel lifestyle, all ready to explore within easy reach from the location.

Enjoy our exclusive discount for groups

And rewarding you with shared memories that will last forever, it pays to stay with your family and friends as part of a group at Stingray Villa. Bookings of two rooms or more per night qualify for an exclusive group discount (variable based on the number of rooms, nights, and dates of stay).

To find out more and book your group getaway in paradise go to Stingray Villa.

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