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Fastest Internet on Cozumel

fastest internet on Cozumel

Fastest Internet on Cozumel

  • Telmex offers fiber internet at speeds up to 500 Mbps down and 100 Mbps up.
  • Stingray Villa is one of the few Airbnbs that offers this amenity to our guests.
  • Make sure you know your vacation rental/hotel internet speed before booking your Holiday.

We all realize how much the Internet has developed and modernized our lives. On an isolated island like Cozumel, it magnifies its effects. Consider that as few as 25 years ago, the only way to have a conversation with an acquaintance in another country was through snail mail; while they contacted people on other islands via VHF radio or the “coconut telegraph,” provided that confidentiality wasn’t an issue! Shopping meant a trip to Cancun and computer, appliance, and other equipment malfunctions required expensive telephone calls to solve. And without an appropriate library, research for an article or school project was hopeless. These days, the use of e-mail and the world-wide-web has revolutionized business and personal communications, educational opportunities, and even our social lives.

As every Internet user quickly learns, the faster the speed at which data is transmitted, the better. (It’s a sad fact that our brains learn to expect the fastest speed at which an action occurs. That’s why we’re impatient when it takes over 30 seconds to download something that used to take weeks to arrive by mail.)

High-speed Internet service was the answer, offering blazing speeds to satisfy even the most impatient user. Thanks to the foresight of a local company (Telmex), high-speed Internet service in Cozumel is at the forefront of 21st-century technology, now available through fiber connections.

So remember if you need the fastest internet on Cozumel, you can stay at Stingray Villa or install a fiber optic line with Telmex.

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