A Very Interesting Gallery on Cozumel

An Art Gallery on Cozumel Mexico - stingray villa

Ever experienced a moment of sheer mesmerism and being lost in an artwork so deeply? If not, we hope you do, because like all surreal experiences, this one is surreal as well as unique. Cozumel having a rich art background, also has some of Mexico’s best art galleries. Thanks to the Mayans, art in Cozumel is like Olives in Spain.

Galo’s art studio is our absolute favorite to visit while in Cozumel. An easy access and a walk away from the heart of Cozumel, Galo’s studio is a must-visit. The intricately designed artwork and the passion shining through the pieces of art, are a site for sore eyes. Open all day, this art gallery/studio is one where you will find some of the best art in Cozumel. Run by a couple, the owners are sweet, kind and ready to help you. For those thinking that they know nothing about art, do not despair! The owners will guide you through detailed memoirs of artwork to make your purchase easier.

Are you thinking about how expensive this art must be? Well, well! Galo’s art studio has a range of artwork. So, whether you want to delve into your pocket and spend lots on the artwork or simply buy a piece or two, Galo’s Art Studio has its doors open for everyone. Interestingly, this one is not just confined to paintings, it embodies some of the finest carvings, engravings and fine art that you will ever witness.

Catchy, edgy and fascinating, each artist has something distinct to offer. Choose your favorite piece of art, and see the owners pack it with love and care. Once you have a glimpse of it, you’ll know! There is no way the art can be damaged while carrying. So, what are you waiting for? Head to Galo’s art studio and get ready to adorn your house with some exquisite masterpieces.

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