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The Local Market on Cozumel

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Back in the old days, the old men said, if you really want to know some people, their culture, and their way of living, visit their markets. I have said nothing truer. Cozumel, being a part of Mexico, has streets and local markets that you would not want to head back from!

Looking for the local delicacies and produces of supreme quality? Head to Mercado Municipal Market and welcome to a Mexican paradise! Here you will find all simple with the top quality you demand. Nothing extravagant, the Municipal Market is our favorite shopping center. Whether you’re looking for fresh vegetables, tortillas, and other manufactured products, we vouch you will embrace it.

While the Municipal Market is open every day, the best time to visit it is early in the morning. Bring your family or friends along and devour some freshly made, oven hot tortillas that you would never ever forget. Want to appreciate Asian cuisine in Cozumel? The area around the municipal market has some fine Asian restaurants.

Imagine, you head out to the market and are looking for some unusual things to try. When you get there, you may not understand the products. That is when the local vendors smile at you and try to explain every product to you. Sweet, right? The visit to the Municipal Market is a cultural experience. The vendors will break out in smiles and warm welcomes. You will find hearty amounts of snacks available, and we know your passion will overtake you. We guarantee local produce and stable prices.

So, if you are in for a credible shopping spree mixed with a spin of witnessing true Mexican hustle-bustle, you know where to go. Head out to the municipal market and make your trip to Cozumel an experience to behold.

Stingray Villa

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