Top 8 reasons Expats leave Cozumel

There’s no denying that Cozumel is an amazing place to live and visit. People are friendly and the food is delicious. Also, the culture is fascinating, and the climate is ideal for many types of tourism. However, as an ex-pat on Cozumel, you’ve likely experienced moments of frustration, confusion, and even depression. It may be difficult to understand at first, but the reason you feel this way is that you’re not living the life you want. Here are the top 8 reasons Expats leave Cozumel.

This happens when ex-pats experience the negative side of living on Cozumel, such as the lack of job opportunities, crime and corruption, and the language barrier.

Life in Cozumel is more challenging than when you arrived on the island, as the honeymoon is now over. Some people might think about all the comforts of their country, which they are missing. Follow this rabbit hole long enough, and you’ll be right in the center of a spiral tunnel that will lead straight to the bottom of a pit called the ex-pat blues.

The reasons for taking the jump in relocating to Cozumel vary and may change over time. For some relocations, the reasons for leaping are constant, while some are more relevant to what is going on in their lives now, or in their personal and societal circles. Some people move for financial, climate, political, or personal reasons. Many ex-pats decide to move abroad for the right reasons, and some for the wrong reasons.

Expats can face difficulties early in the relocation process and, for others, difficulties may grow.

Before taking the leap and investing the much-needed time, work, and money for relocation and residency costs, you must understand it’s not for everyone. You will find out after the emotions settle and the reality sets in this may have been a poor decision.


You may find out you can’t or don’t want to grasp the language to assimilate into the culture and way of life of Cozumel. Mexicans are very family and community-oriented and it is very hard to break into their social circles without being fluent enough to be conversational.

Your health in Cozumel


Over the years, your health has been fantastic. You’ve eaten well, exercised often, and had a few minor ailments. But as you age, your health will become an issue. You’ll be susceptible to the common aches and pains of old age, and some of the more serious diseases that come with it.

Family (especially for the grandchildren)

Many people have a unique experience with their family because they are born and raised in the same place. When you move away from home, you often find yourself in new and exciting situations, but you are also often away from your family, who may resent your absence. This may make you feel you are missing out on your family’s life.

Feeling overwhelmed by the challenges and demands of new environments.

Cozumel’s infrastructure, scheduling services, and governmental red tape can be extremely frustrating for Expats.

Isolation and loneliness

This is tied to language issues, cultural differences, and feeling cut off from society. Another issue unique to expats is the “revolving door” aspect of their communities. People always eventually leave these environments, as well as new people entering.


Drinking alcohol frequently in Cozumel to help you relax


Expats can feel burnt out and “stuck” on Cozumel. Drinking alcohol frequently to help you relax can be a quick fix, but it can also lead to further problems if you don’t stop when you feel you’ve had enough. With the ubiquity of social media, it can be easy to fall into social isolation or become overly focused on Social media.


Money is a problem on Cozumel for retirees on lower fixed pensions and younger Expats who need to work. They find out not everything on Cozumel is cheaper. Electricity, electronics, and imported goods are more expensive than in the USA. These transplants have a tough time learning to adjust from a tourist budget to a full-time resident budget Also, there is a frustration of paying gringo prices for almost everything. There also is the frequent exposure of being taken advantage of monetarily.


Expats long to be in a place where their language is dominant and have familiar food & restaurant choices. Some miss the 4 seasons and others would like to worship in their first language.

And lastly, many who move to Cozumel have problems or issues they have not dealt with before they move, and find out these don’t disappear when you cross the border. This is the main culprit of it all, all the above issues resulting from that. Coming here doesn’t mean your inner issues are gone, just because you run away from home!

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