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The Best Spot For A Selfie on Cozumel

The Best Spot For A Selfie on Cozumel - stingray villa

Like bread without butter, no vacations are complete without some top-notch photography bliss. And the easiest way to get your photography done is to click a selfie. But where exactly is the best spot for a selfie in Cozumel?

While we see selfies of people on vacations every now and then, what’s most ordinary about them is how they are usually on more or less the same spots. If you’re unique and are looking to spam your Instagram with drool-worthy selfies of your travel memoirs, head over to the Palancar Reef in Cozumel. Owing to the conservation efforts, marine life in the waters around Cozumel has not just bounced back but has thrived in an unparalleled way. A paradise for snorkelers and scuba divers, Palancar Reef is also a breathtaking spot for those who just want to go for a light swim or perhaps, want to appreciate the natural wonders of Cozumel’s world by simply enjoying on the beach.

Rising from the depths of up to 80 meters to shallows just beneath the sparkly surface of the sea, Palancar Reef is as clean and gorgeous as one could imagine. Imagine diving in the turquoise blue waters of this reef with your family and getting to see some of God’s beautiful creatures and then having to get to click a selfie with them! With waterproof phones cameras, what was once a dream for divers, is now a wholesome reality and to be honest, what’s cooler than having an underwater picture with any marina animal you like. As sunblocks are harmful to marine life, we would urge you to not wear it while diving. And not to forget the non-divers, Palancar Reef has got your back too. With a beautiful beach beside it, one can always sit back with a book and while preparing for that summer tan, click a selfie and Pasar Bien!

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