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Vacation rentals vs all-inclusive hotels

Vacation rentals vs all-inclusive hotels – Which Do You Prefer? - stingray villa, Cozumel

Short-Term Rentals vs All-Inclusive Resorts

Planning a trip to the glistening Caribbean jewel nestled amongst sandy white beaches and gorgeous blue seas? Torn between accommodation options; all-inclusive hotels or vacation rentals? We got your back! There are several factors you must consider before booking your stay in Cozumel.

Watch your budget

All-inclusive hotels complete with amenities such as concierge service, room service, and prime central location are the way to go if you have a more flexible budget. These hotels will offer the best vacation experience with pools, TV cable, and strong internet connections. The added breakfast is always an added plus too. Is your pocket not too deep? Fret not! Cozumel is a natural beauty and what better way to explore it than by staying in scenic vacation rentals such as Airbnb or VRBO. These vacation rentals are cost-effective, providing a better average per night. Check your savings and decide!

Traveling with family or friends

They say all trips taken with friends are irreplaceable memoirs; we couldn’t agree more! If you’re planning a luxurious getaway with 2-3 close friends, a hotel will be your best bet. Return to remade beds, air-conditioning, and pampering after a day full of laughter with your buddies. Those of you traveling with kids or bigger groups would fare best at a vacation rental. Why stay confined in a hotel room when you can rent the entire house? Pre-book to avail the best deals online with amazing discounts and inexpensive and raw entertainment.

Duration of your stay

Vacation rentals are the perfect option if you’re staying for over 2-3 days. Per night average is better, and they are more cost-effective, too! Airbnb hosts and others offer discounts for people looking for a week or 10 days! Hotels save up the hassle of settling into an apartment or vacation rental for a short stay. Let your itinerary decide this one for you!

Why Book With Us?

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