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What is there to do for Singles in Cozumel?

What is there to do for Singles in Cozumel?

When we say that Cozumel is a land for everyone, that includes singles too. If you do not believe us, you will once you read what Cozumel offers for singles too. Cozumel has some amazing bars and nightlife where there are great chances for you to meet someone you will admire. And even if you do not want to find someone and just want to chill by yourself, Cozumel is the right location for that too.

We understand how sometimes one just requires vacations as some time off from the chaos of everyday life. So, the beaches of Cozumel are the perfect spots for you to relax and detox at. And if you are looking for someone, these might be a good spot for that too. Fancy this! You are soaking some golden beams of the sun while lying on the sandy beach of the Caribbean Sea, and you forget all the sorrows of this life. Don’t you want that kind of relaxation? Well, do not know about you, but this is our top favorite thing to do when in Cozumel.

The primary sector for nightlife is on the west side of the island in Centro San Miguel. This is where many visitors stay and you will find plenty of bars and clubs to meet others in Cozumel. We need to point out that the nightlife here is tourist-based. Cruises visit the island all the time, but not all of them dock overnight and some that force the guests to get back on the boat before sundown. We base the nightlife on how many tourists are out partying. If there is a lot, then you will have a great chance of meeting friends as they will want to have some fun on their trip. Also, because many tourists leave early, many bars also close early.

Here is a list of the bars and nightclubs to meet people in Cozumel:

Metropolitan at Av. Rafael E. Melgar 125
Senor Frog’s at Av. Rafael E. Melgar 599
La Internacional Cerveceria at Avenida Rafael E. Melgar 590
Thirsty Cougar at Calle 3 Sur entre Rafael E. Melgar
Wet Wendy’s at 5a. Avenida Rafael E. Melgar 2 km
Turquoise Beach Bar at Avenida Rafael E. Melgar 2
Palancar Beach at San Miguel
Viva Mexico at Av. Rafael E. Melgar 801
The Money Bar Beach Club at Carretera Costera Sur
Coconuts Bar & Grill at Carretera Costera Oriental
Carlos & Charlies at Carretera Cozumel Sur Km 14 +250

If you are a guy, you need to sit in on the Men’s Breakfast Club. They meet at Casa Mission Restaurant every Friday at 8:30 am. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet others who came to Cozumel from somewhere else. This includes long-time residents, snowbirds, and everything in between. There is a wealth of information available because everyone will share their experience and point you in the right direction. This group has diverse backgrounds but, is a remarkably open, accepting, and non-judgmental. In spite of the good-humored, male chauvinistic, meat-eating propaganda displayed in their advertisements, vegetarians are welcome. Attending will be one of the highlights of your week. There is also a Cozumel Ladies Breakfast Club Ladies that meet every Wednesday at 9 AM for breakfast to share information and stories.

If you happen to get a day pass for a beach club, chances are, you might end up making random friends, who might be singles like you. So, do not think you are in this boat all alone! After-all, shopping at the duty-free centers in Cozumel are most enjoyed by singles. Imagine, there is no one to nag you, just you and your favorite duty-free shop.


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