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Which Cozumel Excursion is the best? 

Which Cozumel Excursion is the best?

If you have been planning a trip to Cozumel, gear up because this will be like a once in a lifetime experience. One that will make you come back to Cozumel. Cozumel has a massive number of tourists all year round for a reason. So, are you ready for a fun-filled, super exciting and adventurous trip to Cozumel? Then hold tight because this is everything you will ever need!

Do you have a taste for the finest Cozumel excursion? We suggest you purchase yourself a day pass for the Iberostar resort at Cozumel. This is an amazing experience that you will cherish forever. The Iberostar resort is unbelievable and looks comparable to picturesque resorts that one gets to see in Hollywood movies. The beautiful sun rays falling on the glistening waters are a sight for sore eyes.

This is a super popular resort in Cozumel, that the locals and tourists alike are head over heels for. Imagine witnessing a stunning beach, beautiful vegetation and top-notch experience, all in one. From the very instant you reach, it will take your breath away by the aura and beauty of this resort. If one has to see heaven on earth, the Iberostar resort is a true depiction of that. The resort itself is a vast, sprawling retreat. They locate the lobby area in a gigantic open-air atrium. Although you are a day guest at a hotel resort, admittance to Iberostar Cozumel gives you access to everything a resort guest would get. The grounds at Iberostar are flawless and sprawling. Not only is there a magnificent assemblage of flora to see anywhere you walk, but you will likewise find flamingos, peacocks, and other wonderful animals along the way.

Iberostar describes its pool as “lake style” and it is vast. It is three major pools, along with a large kiddie (shallow) pool that all mesh. The result is one of the prettiest resort pools at any resort in the Caribbean. There is a swim-up bar in the middle, lounge chairs in the shallow end of the pool, and a good deal of area to unwind. In short, it is a remarkable pool. Iberostar offers an enormous white sand beach space. The pool is close enough to the beach that you can wander between the two sections.

The day pass means you have access to the bar, endless meals, and even snacks offered there. There are a few restaurants around the resort that you may inspect and appreciate. Something that distinguishes Iberostar is the fact breakfast is served along with lunch later in the day. They will serve you at any of the buffet-style restaurants, with one large restaurant and a grill within steps of the pool and beach. Much of the cuisine provided is American fare, with a few Mexican dishes thrown in. The menu at Iberostar rotates daily, with the idea that resort guests will be there for a week or so, and thus, get different choices each day to mix things up. As a result, the exact menu you get may differ depending on the day. Unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are available as part of admission. There are roaming waiters around the pool and beach area, along with the aforementioned swim-up bar, and some bars around the resort you can visit.

For anyone looking to enjoy a relaxing day at a beautiful resort, Iberostar Cozumel fits the bill nearly perfectly. It is an impressive resort that rivals many all-inclusive experiences in the Caribbean.

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