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How to pass through customs quickly in Cozumel

How to pass Cozumel’s customs quickly

You’ve made it to Cozumel. After packing and spending hours on airplanes and automobiles, all you can think about is getting to your ultimate destination. It almost seems harsh to force you to pass through immigration and customs. Well, sadly, someone gets to do it and that someone is you, me, and everybody else on the globe.

Red light or green light means to stop or go. That is what people reveal about when speaking about passing through customs at Cozumel’s airport. With all the conversation about lights and pressing buttons, nobody has made it apparent as to what it is all about. No, the magic button and flashing lights do not have the capability to expose anything illicit in your baggage. Instead, it is Mexico’s ingenious way to randomly select passengers to double ensure that no prohibited products are crossing the border. Every tourist gets to press a button. If the light is green, you are free to continue. If it is red, your bags will be explored.

Putting magical non-discriminating lights and buttons aside, getting through immigration and customs can be a concern. Here are a few tips on how to make it less unpleasant:

1. Most airlines pass out a form for you to fill out for your tourist visa on the airplane. Carry a pen with you and fill it out before touching down. It will preserve you time at the airport.

2. Keep your passport handy at all moments and make certain it is available. If you are all like me, getting out of the airport as rapidly as possible is the mission.

3. If you are traveling with a companion or a group of individuals, divide the luggage up evenly when progressing through customs. That way if your colleague gets the green light and you don’t; they will inspect only half of your baggage.

4. No food! Dogs roam through the mountain of luggage to detect anything prohibited. Although they may be instructed to find something a little more potent than a sandwich, a sandwich will have odors and it will stop them in their tracks. You will have to take the time to extract it from your baggage.

By observing these essential rules and doing sufficient investigation before leaving, getting through Cozumel’s customs will be a breeze.

Written by Stingray Villa

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