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Mexican Haciendas of Cozumel

Mexican Haciendas of Cozumel

Recognized for its beautiful surrounding water, Cozumel is home to several cultural attractions for travelers, such as archaeological sites of ancient Mayan ruins, but another no-less spectacular attraction is the Mexican hacienda. The most admirable Hacienda construction on Cozumel is no other than Casa Mission.

In the 16th century, haciendas were imported to Mexico by Spanish royalty to compensate the conquistadors and other nobility with confiscated land from the Indians. They operated similar to the southern plantations of the United States as a caste structure: the masters were European “hacendados” (proprietors), and the servants were “indigenas” (Indians). Although not helpful for the Indians, the haciendas were successful industries.

Mexican haciendas became a dominant influence in Mexico’s economic and political culture for four centuries. Governed as compact towns each managed by a “hacendado,” an authoritative man with widespread economic and political influence, these self-sustaining societies were agricultural and livestock centers producing vegetables, fruit, and meat for trade.

Each hacienda focused on one product common to the province. In the Yucatan, the dominant agricultural crop was henequen, an agave plant. Sisal, a rope derived from henequen, gained so much in acceptance in the 19th century that production became rewarding. Because of the tremendous profitability from producing this rope, they dubbed henequen “Oro Verde” or “green gold.”

As the haciendas flourished, they became symbols of affluence, developing into refined architectural constructions designed with imported components from across the world. Based on the Spanish colonial style, the Mexican haciendas exhibit simple structures with Spanish decorations. Each hacienda has its own romantic yet rugged charm, constructed with pillars, arches, and vibrant colors.

Casa Mission has amazing gardens that envelop it and all the work that goes into taking care of it will make you fall in love with this place. It is a veritable sanctuary of peace and relaxation within the island of Cozumel. Casa Mission’s international restaurant offers typical Mexican cuisine and unique Seafood. If you visit this destination, we guarantee you will leave enchanted and astonished by the views and food choices.

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