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How to stay “sun safe” on Cozumel

How to stay "sun safe" on Cozumel

With over 200 sunny days a year, Cozumel is the ideal place for a paradise vacation. The pleasant weather and activities bring in visitors from all over the world. And every year guests visit and create memories with loved ones and leave with some splendid stories and sunburns. Let us teach you how to remain “sun safe” during your Cozumel vacation.

Peak Hours

Cozumel may be much closer to the equator than your home country. This is the reason it may not equip you for the intense sun rays that will affect you on your holiday. Even though you may not dodge the sun, there are peak hours that you can sidestep that will help diminish the chances of obtaining too much sun. Avoid being outside during the middle of the day and try to reduce outdoor activities in the early mornings or late afternoon.

Stay in the Shade

If you’ve arranged some incredible day trips, which we hope you have, do some investigation and find out if there will be shade available during these tours or trips. This applies to scuba diving trips too. You must only use dive boats that have a sheltered area to sit between dives. Many residents who can’t stay in the shade bring an umbrella with them where ever they go throughout the day. Another impressive way to protect yourself, and your face, from the sun, is to wear a hat.

Use Sunscreen

This one should be a simple decision, but in case you’re speculating about not using sunscreen on your holiday, don’t! You should use sunscreen when on vacation in Cozumel and be certain to reapply as directed on your sunscreen or sunblock. We also suggest that you always gain the highest SPF available. Remember, sunscreen is there to help you tan without burning, so if you choose to get that perfect vacation glow, again using sunscreen is the way to go. While you should protect yourself from the sun, we need you to consider protecting the natural habitat of Cozumel during your vacation. Try to wear non-toxic sunscreen that can be acquired in some places around Cozumel as this helps protect the coral in the ocean and prevent bleaching.

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