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Why Day Trip to Playa del Carmen

Why Day Trip to Playa del Carmen

A Day Trip to Playa del Carmen: Exploring the Beautiful City

It’s painful to accept that this charming seaside city was full of impenetrable jungle brush only a few brief decades ago. Just a handful of fishermen and their families occupied the secluded inland.

In the 1970s, with the reputation of Cozumel growing, visitors widened their sphere of exploration. They constructed ferry docks to welcome guests from the Cozumel cruise port. Construction started with a few modest inns and beach bars until the early 1990s when the expansion and real estate sectors exploded.

All dirt trails are paved in Playa now. Neighborhoods are full of schools, clinics, shopping plazas, cinemas, and galleries. Hundreds of thousands of visitors arrive to spend a few days relaxing in Playa del Carmen.

Location Location Location

For starters, it’s only 45 minutes on the Cozumel ferry. It has likewise picked up a reputation over the years for being a nerve center for wild spring breakers. While Playa receives an adequate proportion of party people, it has nevertheless upheld its picturesque fishing village vibe. Most of the activity that tourists seek happens in the vibrant neighborhoods on the eastern sector of the federal highway. Here you approach the white sands, lively dining, shopping, and entertainment district by foot when visiting Playa’s east side.

Safe, International Community

Playa del Carmen is an excellent retirement haven and snowbird destination. Playa draws ex-pats to the safety and modest cost of living. Friendly residents from France, Italy, the United States, and Canada make up the greatest ex-pat groups and it is easy to establish long-lasting friendships with people worldwide.

Impressive Gastronomy Scene

Playa del Carmen has a wealth of options for dining. There is no scarcity of unprecedented international or traditional Mexican cuisine. Foodies will rejoice in eating their way through menus of savory casual and upscale fare. Those who enjoy great food will rejoice in satisfying their taste buds in Playa del Carmen.

Breathtaking Beaches

The beaches in Playa del Carmen are broad and stretch along the entire city segment. It is challenging for beach bums to take off after a fascinating day of splashing in the surf. Since the shores of Playa border the Caribbean Sea, the water is almost always crystal clear, and the color is striking shades of aquamarine.

If you prefer to park yourself on the beach with a cocktail or encounter the views from a closer viewpoint, there are so many interesting options in either case. Chic beach clubs for the hipster traveler, watering spots for fun-loving snowbirds, and laid-back ocean-side eateries the entire family will enjoy all along the palm-fringed coastline. Ocean enthusiasts can soak their feet in the turquoise waters via paddleboard, parasail, or even a catamaran. Every day is extraordinary when spent outdoors under the brilliant Mexican sun.

Electric Nightlife

If the nightlife in Cozumel is a little lame, you might pick up the pace in Playa del Carmen’s buzzing nightclub zone on Calle 12. It’s tough to know which day of the week because the disco clubs and bars come alive every night in Playa del Carmen. At Coco Bongo, exciting performers reach the stage, DJs spin all night, and a charismatic staff creates such an entertaining environment that you never wish to leave. Mandala just down the avenue is a 3-level club with a trendy roof balcony, walls of video screens, and a local DJ who plays until the sun comes up. For the finest underground disco in town, Santanera is the place. La Santanera embodies the nightlife scene of Playa del Carmen with its sensuous, tropical atmosphere.

Let us not forget about the Shopping

Times sure have evolved over the past 15 years. There was a time a while ago when I could not get clothes to fit me here in Mexico. Playa del Carmen now includes everything a big man requires. With Old Navy and American Eagle Outfitters a short ferry ride away, I can no longer complain. There is also the “Ultimate Man’s Store” now convenient to us – HomeDepot. That alone will get me off my recliner.

If you have not yet had the chance to visit the Playa del Carmen, it’s time to experience all the elegance and magic for yourselves! There’s something for everyone after a brief ferry ride.

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