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After a day at the beach in Cozumel

After a day at the beach in Cozumel

After a great day at the beach, you get back to your room simply to recognize it’s 3 o’clock! With enough time left in the day, take advantage of some of Cozumel’s diverse activities. Let us teach you how to use your time on Cozumel after a day at the beach.

Take a Trip to the Spa

After a day in the sun and ocean, get a treatment to rejuvenate your skin and body. Whichever procedure you accept you will be in expert hands at Ashiatsu barefoot massage. They provide everything from facials to couple’s massages and even have a barefoot massage for deep tissue repair.

Go to our Pool

You may be sick of the beach but not yet tired of the sun; That’s the appropriate moment to head to our pool. Slip into the cooling water, play some Marco polo, or grab a drink from your room. Cooling off and moving around in the water will feel relaxing and will give you a second wind.

Go out to an enjoyable Dinner

Now that you have the perfect tan it’s time to change into a stunning outfit and display it at dinner. With multiple restaurants to choose from at our downtown location, you can have your pick. Enjoy Mexican, Italian, Seafood, or Pizza from a wood-burning oven with your family or friends and create some memories you won’t forget.

Take a Class

Vacations are all about accomplishing tasks you can not do back home, right? Well, sign up for any of the classes or tours given in Cozumel and master a different skill to entertain your friends back home. It’s a stunning way to fill an afternoon while learning something new and maybe even meeting some new friends.

Whether you do something adventurous or just sit back at the pool, we guarantee a day after the beach will be properly spent at Stingray Villa. Haven’t started planning your Cozumel vacation yet? Start now.

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