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Tequila Tasting on Cozumel

Tequila Tasting on Cozumel

Renowned for its tequilas, Cozumel is a land of adventure in every way possible. Yeah, you heard us right! The adventures of Cozumel know no boundaries and tequila tasting on Cozumel is just one of our favorite things to do.

Know what the real taste of Cozumel is with a Free Tequila Tour by Casa Mission! Casa Mission is a perfect location for visitors to experience a taste of Cozumel’s rich culinary heritage. It’s a place that transports you through time to a magnificent restaurant of Mexican cuisine and seafood.

This impressive hacienda is where the past and present are intertwined, where you’ll find an array of exhibits from the past and today. They have designed the beautiful and unique garden in such a way that it looks like an exotic and unique corner, surrounded by gardens and fountains, framed by exotic birds and ancient trees.

This house was once owned by the Morales family, and they fitted a dining room inside the wide hallway with high ceilings. Share with the visitors the smells and flavors of a Mexican house.

Being one of its kind, Tono, the owner of Casa Mission, will ride you through a tour of manufacturing the national drink of Mexico. For anyone naïve to tequila drinking, you’ll get to learn the fundamentals of it, from learning how to drink tequila to knowing about the best savor. Fancy this! You and your friends are sitting beside the poolside, on high chairs next to a bar, and you can have free tequila shots. It’s like an exceptional dream coming true. You’ll get to know the difference between cheap tequila and expensive tequila. And of course, you’ll learn how to drink tequila like a real Mexican. Also, you’ll be introduced to different tequilas, such as Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, and Extra Anejo.

Feeling the fun! For the tequila connoisseurs, you’ll get to taste the best brands on the island and learn the difference between them. You’ll discover the artisanal tequila brands, which are the ones that are distilled in small batches and aged for longer periods of time to make them impart more flavor. The popular brands are the cheap ones, but you’ll be surprised to find out they are the most potent ones.

You can sip on your favorite tequila and find out some of the newest tequila flavors. You can pull your comfortable chair and lay back, bringing your hat and sunglasses, and read a book while sipping on your tequila. This is a great way to learn more about tequila and get free tequila shots. All you have to do is to be ready to have a fun day!

And guess what? You may devour on some special Mexican lunch, specially prepared by their top chefs, which includes some delicacies of Mexico. Lime soup, seafood, dessert, and margarita. Oops, deny us if your mouth isn’t watering! Touring through the gardens of tequila production, we ask you to hold yourself until they give you free tequilas to try. Odds are, you won’t be able to. While authentic tequila shots don’t cost merely a few bucks, the authentic and rich flavors will not just let you buy some top-notch tequila bottles but will make you come back for these bottles repeatedly.

Happy, free tequila tasting in Cozumel. We’re living this life for tequila shots. What about you?

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A Recommended Day Trip on Cozumel

A Recommended Day Trip on Cozumel

Soaring in the glistening waters of River Maya, we want to give you a recommended day trip on Cozumel. Crystal clear aquamarine waters with palm-trees lining the sandy beaches characterize the many shores of the island. While some are easier to access than others, all are stunning. Cozumel is a land offering something to everyone, ranging from eye-catching archaeological sites to the shores that you never want to go back from, to wildlife parks and what not. Build your own packages or choose thoughtfully sought packages. And whether you’re on a budget as tight as your jeans or one as large as the shores of Cozumel, there is a package to cater to all your monetary assertions!

Looking for fun-filled day trips in Cozumel? Well, for families traveling to Cozumel, we advise you to choose the fun and the amazing Playa Mia Grand Beach and Water Park in Cozumel. Recline on the white sands of the sea or head to the unique themed park and enjoy your unlimited day pass. Get wet and wild with your family and enjoy your way through the large water slides. Pinky promise, there is no way your kids won’t let loose the all-year-round parade of schooling and studying. For those thinking, how would adults enjoy it there? We’ve got you! Ladies and gentlemen, this is the spot if you want to revive the child inside you! And guess what? Gain a full-day admission to the underwater Mayan City as well! Guess who’s going all Ga-Ga to be there soon? Those seeking something lighter could opt for the non-motorized water toys like Kayaks, Paddleboats, and Hobie cats.

Besides the fun and the amusement, families traveling to Cozumel will love to take photos in the serene and calm surroundings of this beach park. If you want to spend a quiet time with your loved ones, you could head to the nearby attractions, like El Cedral, or visit the famous San Gervasio. The whole family can also enjoy a game of beach volleyball or catch some rays on the beach. And you thought it was all about the water. But you are so wrong! You will find even more fun in Cozumel. With its many restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, and many more things to do, you will not be disappointed! So, we say “enjoy the water and the land in Cozumel!”

Is Cozumel a good place to go on vacation? It is one of the best places to go on vacation! It’s perfect for family vacations, honeymooners, romantic getaways, and even those looking for an adventurous holiday. If you are planning to travel to Cozumel, you can use our Cozumel Travel Guide and other tips on how to prepare for your trip to Cozumel to make your vacation enjoyable and relaxing. When is the best time to visit Cozumel? The best time to visit Cozumel is between December and April. The weather is mild and there are fewer tourists during this time.

I bet now you are thinking there is so much to do in the area, you might have to plan your next vacation all over again! 

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How we have a Lazy day on Cozumel

How We Have a Lazy Day on Cozumel

For some days, we just don’t enjoy getting out and being involved in intense travel regimes. Do you understand how we feel? 

Cozumel is just the right spot to even spend a lazy day. With beaches as beautiful as the moon, this is how we have a lazy day on Cozumel. Believe us or not, Mr. Sanchos Beach Club is just the place of your dreams if you’re looking forward to relaxing and spending the day unrushed. Offering 3 pools and a restaurant-bar service, the entrance is free. Yikes! With over 1000 feet of white sand encompassing the magnificent shores of the island of Cozumel, one could enjoy wave-runners, parasailing, boat rides or just lying down on a beach lounge chair and soaking up the summer sun while your kids make sandcastles. Whether you want to choose the all-inclusive package of Mr. Sanchos Beach or want a pay-as-you-go service, they’ve got your back. Or fancy this! You’re sipping on a tropical margarita and sitting around a table and a palapa booked only for you, away from all that music, enjoying your me-time, and just looking into space. Ah, who isn’t looking for such days? 

Lazy but reasonable offers are the best offers for days. And so is Mr. Sanchos Beach Bar’s offer of pay as you go. Pay for what you consume only and the access to the beach, beach lounge chairs and Wi-Fi is free! Running down with everyday troubles at home, the stress of work and life can be waved-off by an ultimate lazy day at the beach bar. With courteous and spontaneous staff coupled with a family environment safe for your children too, what else are you waiting for? When you’re done with your lazy day, you can go on an island tour by a local boat, and then spend the evening at the nightclub. The best thing about the beach club is that it’s just perfect for couples, families, friends, and everyone. It’s the perfect place for a group of friends to just hang out, chill out, and enjoy some fun, fun, fun.

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A Guided Tour on Cozumel - stingray villa

A Guided Tour on Cozumel

Here are your guided tours on Cozumel 

1. Fly Cozumel

Want to safely travel but despise wasting time in self-exploration? We have guided tours on Cozumel that will cover your needs. Visit the Mayan ruins in absolute comfort and peace in 35 minutes! Imagine being picked up by a Fly Cozumel representative at your cruise port, resort, or vocational rental and then being dropped at the nearest airport. Oh, Lord! What are you waiting for? Friendly and professional personnel will make your visit worthwhile. Flying over the Caribbean and at the location of your dreams, a certified and bilingual tour guide will drive you to the ruins in a comfortable air-conditioned SUV. Then you will spend the next hour exploring the ruins with an expert guide who knows his stuff (and has a good sense of humor). Your only job is to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride… which is also the best way to learn something about yourself!


Walking through life and want that for tour-de-Cozumel? Voila! is just the right thing for you. You can tour the enchanting island with a guide on top of your own ATV. Want to see some wild stuff? How about a guided tour of Cozumel Island where you can see many types of wildlife? Not only that, you can do it on an ATV! That’s right, you can hire a guide to take you on a safari-like expedition through the jungle where you can see many birds, iguanas, and other creatures. Fear not for bottled water and helmets are a constant companion for this tour. We feared we might get lost in some wilderness or never find the spot to ride the ATV, but guess what? They have designated proper spots to pick and drop passengers. And for those interested in art and history, the stop in the coral caves and the elaboration on Mayan culture is what you don’t want to miss! Pack your bags and live a day with the Mayans!

3. Cozumel Taxi Tour

The safest way to move around Cozumel is through a guided tour on Cozumel by taxis. Cab drivers are friendly and they speak excellent English. They know all the local secrets and will take you to the places you don’t even know exist. And besides that, they are honest and won’t overcharge you. Imagine getting to travel for as long or as short as you want. Starting from a 90 min tour to extending it up to 6 hours long, you could choose how long or short you want the tour to be. Travel along tight-knit streets and let yourself lose in the scenic beauty of Cozumel. Your driver will be with you the whole time and he will make sure you get where you need to go safely. Just tell your driver where you want to go and he will take care of the rest. Imagine being able to see all this and much more at your own pace without having to wait in line for hours like at a regular tourist attraction. And guess what? You don’t even have to tip the taxi driver if you don’t want to! This is a great option for first-time travelers who are looking for a hassle-free vacation or for those who want to explore a new island.

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Weather in Cozumel - stingray villa

Weather in Cozumel

The weather in Cozumel makes it one of the most beautiful places you’ll find on the south-eastern side of Mexico. Bordered by the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, we can find this little patch of paradise off Playa del Carmen. Home to the spectacular Mesoamerican Reef, Cozumel thrives under a sub-tropical savanna climate throughout the year and experiences regular rainfall.

A wet season unfolds from June until November, while January to May gives way to hot and dry weather. Heavy rains are a regular seasonal guest, often pounding the island with sudden and outbursts of rain. Therefore, we recommend packing an umbrella and a thin raincoat to handle the surprise outbursts throughout the year!

What’s the weather like in Cozumel in November?

November marks the end of the stormy season, dropping two degrees in temperature and bringing in more sunshine and dry heat. It’s also the end of hurricane season, so tourism picks up.


The average temperature drops to a comfortable 77°F, with an estimated low of 71°F, during the nights and spreading towards the early evenings later in the month.


Humidity can still be high, averaging between 65% and 80%, with dew points peaking between 70°F and 75°.


Rainfall is down to 3.5 inches, spread over up to 6 days, with decreasing chances of full rainy days.

What’s the weather like in Cozumel in December?

If you’re looking to spend your Christmas somewhere hot, sunny, and gorgeous, then Cozumel is the place for you!


With average temperatures of 75°F and cool breezy nights at a low average of 68°F, Cozumel is the perfect spot for those who wish to enjoy summer in the heart of winter.


December is one of the dry months of the year in this sub-tropical climate. Humidity levels are steady at 70% on average, with the dew point oscillating between a comfortable 64°F and 70°F.


The jet stream reduces rainfall to just 1.4 inches spread over 5 days of light showers, and just an 18% chance of rain on average.

What’s the weather like in Cozumel in January?

Be prepared for some cooler weather, but even the nights are warm and tropical. If a Norte blows through, it is cooler and windy, but still very pleasant.


Cozumel experiences pleasant winters, with an average temperature of 75°F. The nights are pleasant and comfortable, with average low temperatures of 68°F.


There is a 16% chance of rain in January. The rainfall levels are tolerable, with up to 1.9 inches of rain over 5 days in the month.


Humidity is between 65% and 80%, which may seem high, but it’s much more comfortable in January than in later months. In fact, the dew point oscillates between 18°C and 21°C, which further strengthens the argument sustaining a more tolerable stay in January than in late summer, for example.

What’s the weather like in Cozumel in February?

February is one of the best months to visit Cozumel. This part of Mexico experiences a dry season now, with plenty of sun and heat and brief rain, while the sea stays warm and perfect for deep diving and parasailing.


The average temperature is steady at 76°F with an average low of 68°F. The nights are far more pleasant than most of the year, perfect for late-night walks.


Humidity drops to a comfortable 65% on average, with a dew point oscillating between 64°F and 68°F — the top end is best felt through the 3 rainy days expected for the month. Chances of a raindrop to a wonderful 13% chance on average, with a volume of 0.5 inches. Sudden showers may occur throughout the occasional afternoon, but it’s nothing that won’t dry up five minutes later!

What’s the weather like in Cozumel in March?

Warm days averaging in the low 80s and comfortable nights. If a Norte comes through, you might need a light jacket or sweater at night.


Spring in Cozumel is a wonderful delight if you’re not scared by a little humidity at night. March is one of the dry months of the year, with temperatures averaging at 76°F. The nights keep around 68°F but can get very unpleasant because of humidity, which can spike as far as 85%.


Speaking of humidity, it stays at 58% on average, but it goes up during the night. Rainfall is 1.2 inches on average, with just 3 rainy days in March. The chances of precipitation stay low at 8%. The dew point juggles between 64°F and 72°F.

What’s the weather like in Cozumel in April?

April is glorious and not as sweltering as the later summer months.


Mid-spring is a favorite time for Cozumel, and one of the year’s season peaks. The average high temperature is around 80°F and the lower end hangs at a mild 72°F.


Humidity ranges from averages of 58% to higher levels of up to 90%, which can get uncomfortable. Rainfall is at an average of 1.25 inches, and just an 8% chance of rainy days. The dew point also oscillates from a moderate 64°F to a moist 74°F.

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An Afternoon Out on Cozumel

An Afternoon out on Cozumel

There are so many incredible things to do on Cozumel that it’s hard to pick an afternoon out on Cozumel. Well, we are here to help. After ten years of living here, we have had plenty of time to try out many of the awesome activities on Cozumel: and we have come up with this list of the absolute best things to do on Cozumel to help you make most of your trips to this beautiful island. From the secret beach spots, to where to find unique local dishes, to the best day trips, we have you covered with an exciting array of things to see on Cozumel.

Anyone who goes to Cozumel without seeing the east side can’t say they’ve been to the island. It is gorgeous everywhere you look. You must first stop at Mezcalitos Bar & Grill. Mezcalitos is one of the best Cozumel restaurants on the windward side of the island and has occupied this exquisite strand of beach for over 21 years. Are you in the mood for some fresh seafood or mouth watering nachos? How about BBQ shrimp or the “Best Island Margarita!”? The famous “Naked Beach” sign has a position just north of the bar. There seemed to be no problem sunning or swimming nude beyond the sign or on the less rocky beach near the bar. This is not a place to bring an intimate, shy group. You will want to eat in the bar area or on the beach. Be prepared to be entertained. You won’t have a dull moment here! Well, kick back, take off your sandals and enjoy this very special place.

Coconuts Bar and Grill is a popular hangout with the vacation crowd as they bar hop around the island in search of beach clubs. Coconuts is a local fixture, and has been featured in several movies. It was the bar Bill Murray (the actor) frequented when he was on the island. On top of the highest point of Cozumel Mexico, this bar is accessible via a long and winding stair made of natural coral rock. We know Coconuts for their incredible views, friendly dogs, and strong margaritas! You can bring a shirt, license plate, etc, and they will hang it on a wall or on the Palapa roof. Their menu is limited, but everything tastes better at Coconuts! Two food favorites are their jalapeno poppers & fajitas! With an atmosphere of laid-back tropical friendliness, it is a great place to “meet and greet” people from all over the world. On the whole, Coconuts has an “anything goes” atmosphere. They don’t care what you order, as long as you order!

Considered being one of the few places ideal for swimming on the east side of Cozumel, Playa Chen Rio has a huge natural pool where lifeguards are always on duty. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, with a natural tidal pool of crystal clear waters. The beach has a very nice atmosphere with natural vegetation and no artificial lighting. Playa Chen Rio is calm, shallow, and perfect for children. It is the ideal place for families or couples looking for some peace. Chen Rio got its original name because a river flowed through a breach between the sea and the mangroves. After Hurricane Wilma, the river reappeared, and they placed a drainage system beneath the road to let the river run naturally. The beach was renovated in 2007, and now it is open to the public. It offers great services such as food, drinks, showers, parking, umbrellas, and much more. In addition, the beach is one of the most visited and safest on the island. Chen Rio is one of the best beaches on the “wild side” of Cozumel island.

If you’re a wildlife lover, a trip to Punta Sur is a must. This ecological park sprawls across the southern tip of Cozumel. It is the largest private nature preserve in the Yucatan Peninsula. There are hiking trails, bird watching sites, snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities, and even a lighthouse to explore. It is home to exotic birds and crocodiles. We get there when they open at 9:00 and head to the crocodile lookout. We’ve seen some enormous crocodiles there, up close and personal. Take some time to explore the eco park’s two lighthouses, one of which hails from the pre-Hispanic era. There’s also a museum that details the history of the Maya, pirates, and corsairs that once frequented the area.

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What’s On At The Cinema on Cozumel

What’s On At The Cinema on Cozumel

When you are here staying on the island, you will ask, “What’s on at the cinema on Cozumel”? The scene is far more than an activity for many and beyond an obsession for some. It’s a space where reality melts away or gets replaced by someone else’s problems, at least for two hours in the dark. Whether you’re into movies because your friends are forcing you–or because this is the blockbuster you have been waiting for–there’s something for everyone. Movie-going in Mexico is as popular as ever, despite the country being among those where there is the most video piracy. Big box-office movies bring hordes to the theaters, and decent seats at the most convenient times are scarce for the first week after their release. Make sure you show up at least 45 minutes early for hot tickets, or you’ll get stuck sitting up front.

Cozumel has two cinemas on the island, Cinepolis Cozumel (next to the Chedraui supermarket) and Cinemex (in the Punta Langosta shopping center). These theaters has a lush interiors and snazzy mezzanines, and even the bathrooms offer a touch of class. The tourists will also love that it’s right across the street from the waterfront, which will inspire them to remind you of when Cozumel only saw one cruise ship a week. Cinepolis Cozumel has a website you can use to purchase tickets (in Mexican pesos) and get info about upcoming movies. It’s in Spanish, but there’s an option to select “English” which will show you the title and the running time of the movie. 

What’s On At The Cinema on Cozumel

We are lucky to see first-run movies for approximately $4 USD. If you can view your movies before 5 pm, you will never run into crowds, but if you wait till 7 pm, you may have trouble finding a seat. The cinema is seven theaters complete with stadium-style seating (nothing kills a movie like the shadowed bust of the six-foot three-inch theatergoer in front of you). Be sure to check out their popcorn selection: their classic is a salty, buttery bag of perfection, plus they’ve got caramel corn and slushies for a taste of something sweet. Another plus: pristine bathrooms! The reasonable prices and air conditioning allow astonished tourists a pleasant afternoon or evening experience away from the beaches and restaurants. As we are big film fans, this is something we do at least once every two weeks. Cinepolis Cinema has comfortable seats that recline with most of the movies in English and are sub-titled for the locals. The biggest drawback is that it’s hard to find a babysitter for a young one when the movies are in full swing. 

Cinepolis Cozumel is at Av. Rafael E. Melgar 1001, San Miguel, Cozumel, Q. Roo, Mexico. The Cinema is open from 10 am to midnight daily. The Cinema has frequent showings of the latest Hollywood blockbusters, independent and art films, classics, and cult movies.

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A Great Fish Restaurant on Cozumel

The best seafood restaurant on Cozumel

Cozumelanos expect the best from their island’s restaurants: the best pan, the best tacos, the best breakfast. The island’s seafood is no different, and locals will travel to substantial lengths searching for the best seafood restaurant on Cozumel. Hungry pescavores don’t have to go too far to stumble upon a seafood gem on Cozumel- regardless of where you find yourself when the hunger strikes, there’s an excellent chance fresh fish is nearby.

The best seafood restaurants on Cozumel have a few things in common:

1. They serve the freshest fish and seafood in town, and they do so at affordable prices.

2. The best seafood restaurants on Cozumel serve seafood dishes that are unique to the region.

3. They also don’t skimp on the quality of their food.

4. The best seafood restaurants on Cozumel are not just limited to seafood- they also offer a wide variety of dishes.

5. They also have a unique vibe that is hard to find anywhere else, and the staff is always eager to help you find what you’re looking for.

When you’re looking to impress (or when you’ve got your hands on the company card), there’s none better than La Conchita del Caribe and their renowned seafood. The best we’ve had since visiting Cozumel for the past 20 years, in fact. The accolades reflect La Conchita del Caribe’s attention-to-detail and obsession with quality – two factors that shine through on every plate. With a varying list of goodies depending on what’s fresh, things rotate in. You can expect house classics like the Pescado Frito every night of the week. Though you’re surrounded by other patrons, the atmosphere feels somehow cozy, warm fuzzies that are only amplified when the food arrives from the open kitchen. 

Once seated, order anything off the seafood menu. If you’re having a hard time choosing, allow us to recommend a few favorites: the ceviche, a piquant seafood cocktail, and the grilled fish selections. Try the local angler’s favorite Dorado (mahi-mahi). It arrives at your table grilled to perfection, white and flaky. One thing that we always have in Cozumel is fresh fish and plenty of fishermen who work hard to bring you these delicacies daily. They also serve the freshest ceviche, delicious garlic shrimp, soft drinks, cold Cerveza and more. This is traditional, authentic Mexican seafood at its best, and the price can’t be beaten. The best way to enjoy the amazing seafood of Cozumel is to prepare it as fresh as possible, and this to me is the Spanish way. La Conchita del Caribe takes the best ingredients from the area, like the famous pulpo, and serves them in the most simple and delicious way. It’s the food, “the truest measure of a restaurant’s capacity for staying afloat” that makes this place Cozumel’s fashionable choice for fish and seafood.

Sargassum Seaweed in Cozumel

Sargassum Seaweed in Cozumel

Sargassum Seaweed in Cozumel

Like birds–tourists are migrating to Cozumel to flee the advancement of sargassum because the seaweed has not invaded the western beaches of this island and the water is still crystal clear. Because of the sargassum invasion in Cancun, Riviera Maya, and Playa del Carmen, many travelers have opted to move to Cozumel instead of staying on the mainland of the Mexican Caribbean. SEE THE CURRENT SARGASSUM CONDITIONS HERE.

What is causing the Sargassum to grow in such quantities?

Experts believe it has a lot to do with the currents, global warming, wastewater, and other pollution supplying nutrients for the algae to grow. Understand that there is a sizeable amount of seaweed growing between the coast of Africa and Brazil, an area they have coined the Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt. The seaweed moves from the Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt to Mexico and the Caribbean region by hitching a ride on currents. As it makes its way along these streams, the sargassum picks up more and more nutrients and continues to grow.

We are happy not to have all the Seaweed of the Mainland

Good news if you’re visiting the most beautiful island of the Mexican Caribbean. The west side of Cozumel is free of algae. The east side of Cozumel works as a natural barrier for the rest of the island and it is getting hit by the seaweed arrivals.

This means that Cozumel continues to be one of the least sargassum-affected municipalities and maintains clean western beaches (different from the landscape of other Quintana Roo destinations). 

The phenomenon will continue throughout the summer and the issue is being dealt with. This translates into tourist benefits and allowed Cozumel to receive the title “Sargassum Free”. On Cozumel’s west-facing beaches, the hotels (Iberostar, Occidental, Secrets, El Presidente, Cozumel Palace, Hotel B, Coral Princess, and Westin), and beach clubs never have the seaweed problems of the mainland.

Seaweed Tourism

As a direct consequence of this natural phenomenon, some hotels and tourism agencies have created a seaweed-tourism industry that will provide access to clean beaches and the natural phenomenon. There are several companies that offer this experience. These companies organize snorkeling trips to look at the underwater beauty and take photos of the seabed. Some companies provide their guests with special masks that allow them to dive in the ocean with this seaweed and see what it’s like to go under the waves while swimming through the sargassum. There are companies that even bring the sargassum from the east to the west coast.

In addition, many flights take you over the Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt and you will see the immense amount of seaweed growing on the coast of Africa, Brazil, and the Caribbean Sea. It is a beautiful sight that allows us to understand the importance of preserving our planet and its environment. What we can do to avoid this scenario is to stop polluting the planet. This way we preserve the fresh waters of the oceans which sustain life.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay in Cozumel. Be sure to take advantage of the sargassum-free beaches! We would love to hear what you think about this article and the topic of sargassum-free beaches on the island of Cozumel. What do you think is the best beach in Cozumel? Let us know at for a seaweed update or check availability at our four 15th Avenida Airbnbs.

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