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Best Live Music Bar on Cozumel - stingray villa

Best Live Music Bar on Cozumel

Double the fun and lessen any troubles with Cozumel’s best live music bar- The Money Bar Beach Club! With assorted American and Mexican cuisines and absolutely divine flavors, Money Bar Beach Club is a travel-game-changer. Worry not for the bar has currencies from all over the world. So, buy and indulge as you will. Whether you’re on a roll or are looking forward to managing that tight budget, Money Bar Beach Club has gotten your back. Centered on the renowned Dzul-Ha Reef, this bar is a sight to behold.

Guess what? The new dining area and the premium bar along with the kid’s menu and wheelchair access to the people coming therein is the best offer one can get. P.s who doesn’t love a place for free parking? Perhaps, if free parking is like gold to glitter for you, rush to The Money Bar Beach Club!

Fancy this, you take your significant other to date at the Money Bar Beach Club and get to sit outdoors, indulge in some snorkeling (they have plenty of some of the best fish available) and then get to see a live sunset! Woah! We’re packing our bags for we know where to go for our anniversary date!

Home to some of the best musicians in town, this Beach Bar extends the courtesy of some beat-picking, truly enjoyable live music. Weekends with your friends to jam along with the music band and to knock down some lip-smacking margaritas are now made so much better with The Money Bar Beach Club. Believe us or not, this beach club is the word of the mouth of every local and tourist alike. For a courteous staff, finger licking good food items, live music, and entertainment and cozy ambiance are troublesome to find, and that too, all under one roof!

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Cycling Holidays on Cozumel - stingray villa

Cycling Holidays on Cozumel

Feeling the earth destruction? Want to contribute to saving the beautiful land that is your responsibility and your right? Don’t fret fellows, we’ve got you!

Tour de Cozumel on cycles is a travel adventure that is a must have and a total showstopper! Whether you want to indulge in a lavish cycling adventure or are on a tight budget, Cozumel’s cycling tours have got you. Beach Bum Bikes, Punta Sur Adventure Eco Tour is a cycling tour that you’ll love. The ride is for full 5 hours in the park and includes transportation from the main waterfront in town. The sandy land is tough terrain that requires some sheer determination, but the bikes provided are adequate for this tour. As they say, no trip is complete without food included in it. Likewise, this trip includes a traditional Mexican lunch, water, soft drinks, and tequileria. What’s better than getting to have a lagoon boat ride and a crocodile habitat stop within this cycling package?

We love it when the customer is cared for, first and foremost. Beach Bum Bikes allow you to cancel your reservation any time you feel so or in case of an emergency. This is a total family heartthrob. The kids along with the parents can enjoy the rides and as safe as it is, this one’s truly enjoyable. Since all payments are made through PayPal, no personal information is required. Heads up!

Promoting an eco-savvy sort of tourism in Cozumel, it seeks to lessen pollution and the subsequent effects of pollution and earth-wreckage. We urge you to play your part and chose cycling tours so little by little, one by one, we can make the earth green again, safe again and thriving again.

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Where To Buy Organic Food on Cozumel - stingray villa

Where To Buy Organic Food on Cozumel

Feeling nauseous and unhealthy with all the junk you sought for your body? Cozumel has some amazing places to let your body detox and to feel fresh with some really good and truly organic food.

La Cuisine by Nutribalance is just the right spot for you if you’re looking for a detox tour. Even the name starts making you feel healthier! Or is it just us feeling this way? Placed in the heart of Cozumel, La Cuisine specializes in some of the finest organic foods such as yummy-scrummy detox juices and salads as big as the Island of Cozumel. Don’t believe us? Head over to La Cuisine to find out for yourself! Who doesn’t love some truly delicious and healthy food at reasonable rates? We’d love to spare a few bucks! And the cherry on the icing is the sweet owner of La Cuisine who literally gives away energy balls to people for the rest of their day in Cozumel. Lovely, isn’t it?

And no, we aren’t forgetting our vegan brothers and sisters! Be Natural is “The Place” for finding scrumptious vegan and non-veg food items. This is a super awesome place to eat and buy some vegetarian or vegan food! I got the tacos and omg so yummy! You can also buy natural nonfood items as well! Will definitely go back! writes Kristen on one of her travel blogs. And guess what? Be Natural is one place that is almost 60% cheaper than most restaurants in its surroundings. Don’t know about you but we love, for ourselves, a hearty meal of lip-smacking flavors, some aromas to devour and a portion enough for us to fill our tummies. Does anything sound better than the thought of sizzling hot tortillas? No? Then see you at Be Natural!

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Getting Married on Cozumel - stingray villa

Getting Married on Cozumel

Looking forward to a destination wedding with the man/woman of your dreams? Head no further and resort to the Island of Cozumel. The wedding packages in Cozumel are a vast range that you can get customized and can choose the place and the way you want it conducted. Imagine, a destination wedding and that too, in a way that you have always imagine your big day to be like!

While some official requirements are necessary to fulfill, the entire procedure is as easy as anything. Get your original passports, birth certificates, tourist immigration document and a medical certificate issued 20 days before the wedding, and you’re ready to get married. Voila! Here are two great Wedding Planners to get the job done for you.

  1. Cozumel Dream Wedding Makers
  2. Itzel Weddings and Events

If you’re someone who enjoys the ocean and loves cruise trips, you should definitely get married on a cruise. Cozumel offers an exclusive champagne catamaran sail and snorkel that is highly economical and will leave your guests awe-inspired. Take your vows in the turquoise-blue waters of the Caribbean and feel your big day to be truly big! With an open bar and a freshly prepared Mexican cuisine on the cruise ride, your guests will go all Ga-Ga over your ultimate destination wedding.

Being a land of wholesome goodness, Cozumel offers further options too for your wedding day. Can you envisage your wedding day besides the Mexican Caribbean beaches? Touch-up in an especially air-conditioned, rustic room with full mirrors and some intricately designed Mexican furniture. Walk down a beautiful tropical isle for your big day. Ah, we’d kill for a daytime wedding beside the beach. What are you waiting for? P.s for all those worried about getting their dresses and shoes destroyed in the sandy beach, we’ve got you covered with a grass replacement as well. Hurray! Now you know where you’ll find us on our wedding days, at least.

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The Best Spot For A Selfie on Cozumel - stingray villa

The Best Spot For A Selfie on Cozumel

Like bread without butter, no vacations are complete without some top-notch photography bliss. And the easiest way to get your photography done is to click a selfie. But where exactly is the best spot for a selfie in Cozumel?

While we see selfies of people on vacations every now and then, what’s most ordinary about them is how they are usually on more or less the same spots. If you’re unique and are looking to spam your Instagram with drool-worthy selfies of your travel memoirs, head over to the Palancar Reef in Cozumel. Owing to the conservation efforts, marine life in the waters around Cozumel has not just bounced back but has thrived in an unparalleled way. A paradise for snorkelers and scuba divers, Palancar Reef is also a breathtaking spot for those who just want to go for a light swim or perhaps, want to appreciate the natural wonders of Cozumel’s world by simply enjoying on the beach.

Rising from the depths of up to 80 meters to shallows just beneath the sparkly surface of the sea, Palancar Reef is as clean and gorgeous as one could imagine. Imagine diving in the turquoise blue waters of this reef with your family and getting to see some of God’s beautiful creatures and then having to get to click a selfie with them! With waterproof phones cameras, what was once a dream for divers, is now a wholesome reality and to be honest, what’s cooler than having an underwater picture with any marina animal you like. As sunblocks are harmful to marine life, we would urge you to not wear it while diving. And not to forget the non-divers, Palancar Reef has got your back too. With a beautiful beach beside it, one can always sit back with a book and while preparing for that summer tan, click a selfie and Pasar Bien!

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Shopping for Gifts on Cozumel - stingray villa

Shopping for Gifts on Cozumel

Worried about finding souvenirs and gifts for your family and friends back home? Fret not fellas, for Cozumel has some amazing souvenir and gift shops all over the island. Ranging from souvenir shops that have gifts of very affordable prices to fancy shops with extravagant items of high-end demeanor, you can get to choose as you please.

Déjà vu in Cozumel is a leather and jewelry shop. The owner, Antonio, puts special attention to the maintenance of his shop and for providing customers with top-quality products. One fear running through our minds while buying souvenirs is that of inadequate quality, but we challenge you to believe us on this one. Fellas, it’s tested and tried, you know! With swoon-worthy jewelry designs and intricately crafted leather items, Déjà vu is a total showstopper. For product quality, reasonable prices, and guarantees you do not have to look any farther. If you want to surprise your girl-gang with a pair of customized sandals, tailored to perfection, head over to Déjà vu. Give Antonio the shoe size and see him weave his magic into a pair of Cinderella sandals. We ask you to believe us, Déjà vu’s sandals are a must-have.

Painted boxes with hinged lids, ceramic garlic cloves to fill in some garlic salt and silver rings to die for- these are only some specialties of Los Cinco Soles. Cinco is a wholesome shopping experience that not only provides you with a range of products but that too of international quality and prices so reasonable, one is almost awestruck. Support local craftsmanship and imagine the sheer glee and happiness on your significant other’s face when you come back from an all-boys trip and surprise her with a silver ring. With quality as amazing as Cinco’s, your wife may never come back later with you!

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Some Local Customs that Strangers Find Unusual on Cozumel - stingray villa

Unusual Local customs that Vacationers find on Cozumel

What are the unusual local customs that vacationers find on Cozumel? Cozumel is a land of multiple dimensions, almost like that of the many dimensions of a kaleidoscope.

With some local customs that appear unusual to strangers in Cozumel, it is one place that celebrates its uniqueness in various ways. Locals dancing on the streets, parading with elaborate floats, costumes so bright and vivid, a plethora of music venues, and spontaneous exhibits which travel ward throughout the Cozumel are just some features of the “Carnaval” in Cozumel. As fun and exciting as it sounds, the Carnaval is a spectacular event, worth a special trip to Cozumel. While locals indulge in the celebrations ensuing, strangers often find it a very unusual way of celebration.

Unlike the USA or other such countries where Santa Claus is the star of Christmas, Cozumel’s stars are the three kings- Los, Tres, Reyes. And guess what? Instead of exchanging gifts on 25th December, natives conduct the exchange of gifts on the 6th of January. Strange but fancy, right? You must think why? It’s because of the twelve days these kings traveled to bring infant Jesus gifts for Christmas. We’re head over heels for this adorable view of celebrating Christmas distinctly.

Cool fact: Mexico and its cities, such as Cozumel truly celebrate their leaders. On the midnight of 15th September, all natives join in the Central Plaza to re-enact the event when Miguel Hidalgo invoked in the oppressed natives a sense to rise against the Spaniards with the cry of “Long Live Mexico!” With firework lighting up the sky and music and dancing to celebrate their victory, a magical celebration ensues for the entire night. And they seal the deal with a national holiday for Mexico’s independence.

While these little celebrations and their causes might look unusual and strange to outsiders, what we must not forget is the demeanor and the zeal that the natives celebrate. We’re all pumped up to see them first-hand, are you?

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Tequila Tasting on Cozumel

Tequila Tasting on Cozumel

Renowned for its tequilas, Cozumel is a land of adventure in every way possible. Yeah, you heard us right! The adventures of Cozumel know no boundaries and tequila tasting on Cozumel is just one of our favorite things to do.

Know what the real taste of Cozumel is with a Free Tequila Tour by Casa Mission! Casa Mission is a perfect location for visitors to experience a taste of Cozumel’s rich culinary heritage. It’s a place that transports you through time to a magnificent restaurant of Mexican cuisine and seafood.

This impressive hacienda is where the past and present are intertwined, where you’ll find an array of exhibits from the past and today. They have designed the beautiful and unique garden in such a way that it looks like an exotic and unique corner, surrounded by gardens and fountains, framed by exotic birds and ancient trees.

This house was once owned by the Morales family, and they fitted a dining room inside the wide hallway with high ceilings. Share with the visitors the smells and flavors of a Mexican house.

Being one of its kind, Tono, the owner of Casa Mission, will ride you through a tour of manufacturing the national drink of Mexico. For anyone naïve to tequila drinking, you’ll get to learn the fundamentals of it, from learning how to drink tequila to knowing about the best savor. Fancy this! You and your friends are sitting beside the poolside, on high chairs next to a bar, and you can have free tequila shots. It’s like an exceptional dream coming true. You’ll get to know the difference between cheap tequila and expensive tequila. And of course, you’ll learn how to drink tequila like a real Mexican. Also, you’ll be introduced to different tequilas, such as Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, and Extra Anejo.

Feeling the fun! For the tequila connoisseurs, you’ll get to taste the best brands on the island and learn the difference between them. You’ll discover the artisanal tequila brands, which are the ones that are distilled in small batches and aged for longer periods of time to make them impart more flavor. The popular brands are the cheap ones, but you’ll be surprised to find out they are the most potent ones.

You can sip on your favorite tequila and find out some of the newest tequila flavors. You can pull your comfortable chair and lay back, bringing your hat and sunglasses, and read a book while sipping on your tequila. This is a great way to learn more about tequila and get free tequila shots. All you have to do is to be ready to have a fun day!

And guess what? You may devour on some special Mexican lunch, specially prepared by their top chefs, which includes some delicacies of Mexico. Lime soup, seafood, dessert, and margarita. Oops, deny us if your mouth isn’t watering! Touring through the gardens of tequila production, we ask you to hold yourself until they give you free tequilas to try. Odds are, you won’t be able to. While authentic tequila shots don’t cost merely a few bucks, the authentic and rich flavors will not just let you buy some top-notch tequila bottles but will make you come back for these bottles repeatedly.

Happy, free tequila tasting in Cozumel. We’re living this life for tequila shots. What about you?

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A Recommended Day Trip on Cozumel

A Recommended Day Trip on Cozumel

Soaring in the glistening waters of River Maya, we want to give you a recommended day trip on Cozumel. Crystal clear aquamarine waters with palm-trees lining the sandy beaches characterize the many shores of the island. While some are easier to access than others, all are stunning. Cozumel is a land offering something to everyone, ranging from eye-catching archaeological sites to the shores that you never want to go back from, to wildlife parks and what not. Build your own packages or choose thoughtfully sought packages. And whether you’re on a budget as tight as your jeans or one as large as the shores of Cozumel, there is a package to cater to all your monetary assertions!

Looking for fun-filled day trips in Cozumel? Well, for families traveling to Cozumel, we advise you to choose the fun and the amazing Playa Mia Grand Beach and Water Park in Cozumel. Recline on the white sands of the sea or head to the unique themed park and enjoy your unlimited day pass. Get wet and wild with your family and enjoy your way through the large water slides. Pinky promise, there is no way your kids won’t let loose the all-year-round parade of schooling and studying. For those thinking, how would adults enjoy it there? We’ve got you! Ladies and gentlemen, this is the spot if you want to revive the child inside you! And guess what? Gain a full-day admission to the underwater Mayan City as well! Guess who’s going all Ga-Ga to be there soon? Those seeking something lighter could opt for the non-motorized water toys like Kayaks, Paddleboats, and Hobie cats.

Besides the fun and the amusement, families traveling to Cozumel will love to take photos in the serene and calm surroundings of this beach park. If you want to spend a quiet time with your loved ones, you could head to the nearby attractions, like El Cedral, or visit the famous San Gervasio. The whole family can also enjoy a game of beach volleyball or catch some rays on the beach. And you thought it was all about the water. But you are so wrong! You will find even more fun in Cozumel. With its many restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, and many more things to do, you will not be disappointed! So, we say “enjoy the water and the land in Cozumel!”

Is Cozumel a good place to go on vacation? It is one of the best places to go on vacation! It’s perfect for family vacations, honeymooners, romantic getaways, and even those looking for an adventurous holiday. If you are planning to travel to Cozumel, you can use our Cozumel Travel Guide and other tips on how to prepare for your trip to Cozumel to make your vacation enjoyable and relaxing. When is the best time to visit Cozumel? The best time to visit Cozumel is between December and April. The weather is mild and there are fewer tourists during this time.

I bet now you are thinking there is so much to do in the area, you might have to plan your next vacation all over again! 

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How we have a Lazy day on Cozumel

How We Have a Lazy Day on Cozumel

For some days, we just don’t enjoy getting out and being involved in intense travel regimes. Do you understand how we feel? 

Cozumel is just the right spot to even spend a lazy day. With beaches as beautiful as the moon, this is how we have a lazy day on Cozumel. Believe us or not, Mr. Sanchos Beach Club is just the place of your dreams if you’re looking forward to relaxing and spending the day unrushed. Offering 3 pools and a restaurant-bar service, the entrance is free. Yikes! With over 1000 feet of white sand encompassing the magnificent shores of the island of Cozumel, one could enjoy wave-runners, parasailing, boat rides or just lying down on a beach lounge chair and soaking up the summer sun while your kids make sandcastles. Whether you want to choose the all-inclusive package of Mr. Sanchos Beach or want a pay-as-you-go service, they’ve got your back. Or fancy this! You’re sipping on a tropical margarita and sitting around a table and a palapa booked only for you, away from all that music, enjoying your me-time, and just looking into space. Ah, who isn’t looking for such days? 

Lazy but reasonable offers are the best offers for days. And so is Mr. Sanchos Beach Bar’s offer of pay as you go. Pay for what you consume only and the access to the beach, beach lounge chairs and Wi-Fi is free! Running down with everyday troubles at home, the stress of work and life can be waved-off by an ultimate lazy day at the beach bar. With courteous and spontaneous staff coupled with a family environment safe for your children too, what else are you waiting for? When you’re done with your lazy day, you can go on an island tour by a local boat, and then spend the evening at the nightclub. The best thing about the beach club is that it’s just perfect for couples, families, friends, and everyone. It’s the perfect place for a group of friends to just hang out, chill out, and enjoy some fun, fun, fun.

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